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You're probably here looking for pictures of Matthew, information about Ron, or directions to a site we host.

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Added support for batch uploads and automatic "NEW"/"UPDATED" tags to the TWiki.


Moved the HD Team web site onto the TWiki collaboration platform.


We now support a much nicer web-based email system based on SquirrelMail. (The old AtDot email system is still available, too.)

You can now access your mail using IMAP (mail.risley.net port 143).


Viewing TWiki page diffs now requires authentication. This keeps spambots from overloading the server. If you don't know what this means, it probably doesn't affect you.


I tried to do some clever things with Apache rewrite rules to make the URLs a lot prettier on the risley.net and barefootwillie.com sites. Alas, I was too clever by half, and too busy to do thorough testing. As a result, the sites were ugly or downright unusable with most Windows browsers. I've reverted to the old, ugly URLs until I can get enough peace to fix the rewrite rules.


A faster server, a TWiki front end, Apache 2, Postfix MTA, SpamAssassin: all in preparation for the Great Migration when the heart of risleynet will be moving from a walk-in closet full of surplus Macintoshes to a pair of Mac mini sitting on top of a desk in my home office.

If you're looking for the old content of the site, it's largely still here (with the same persistent URLs) on my personal pages.


The new Postfix MTA is now on line. Mail users should have notice nothing except, perhaps, some increases in performance. There's a lot more power under the hood, though (mostly with regard to fighting spam). Interested users can find out more about the risleynet mail service.

Old archived news.

what is this place?

risleynet is probably best thought of as a hobby grown out of control. What started as a way to put a damaged PowerBook and a (at that time quite novel) DSL connection to some use has now grown physically (eight surplus beige-box Macs), in scope (hosting over a dozen domains and organizations), and in bandwidth (the old DSL has been supplanted by a 10 Mbps optical fiber connection) to an operation supporting an eclectic collection of worthwhile causes.

The early months were chronicled in a TidBITS article.

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