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04December2010 updated TWiki to 5.0.1

I like the TWiki collaboration platform -- most of what you see here is based on it -- but they've never gotten their act together with updates. Every release (for, what, six years now?) they've said that they would automate the update process. Then every few months they release a new version. They say it fixes critical security bugs, and everyone must update right away. The best technique they offer for updating? Install the new version from scratch, then painfully, manually migrate years of accumulated content and changes into the new installation. Test, test, test. Inevitably, things are broken. I just spent five hours doing the latest upgrade, and I decided to just shut down three TWiki installations I manage because I didn't want to go through the exercise again. Oh, well. Perhaps 2011 will be the year they finally get an updater working.


03July2009 Web pages migrated to the new server

We've been running a new server since March. We moved email processing to it in April, which let us abandon the marginal process of trashing suspected spam and, instead, reject it at the source. We've now moved (non-secure) web services as well. The new server has 32 times the amount of memory, eight processors vs. one, and four times the disk space. You should notice a dramatic improvement in page loading times, especially on the TWikis.

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