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electronic mail

at risleynet and hosted domains



Forgot to update this information. As of April, we have no longer been discarding spam as we did before. Instead, armed with a far more powerful server than we were using before, we now analyze messages with SpamAssassing and reject the mail as it's being sent. That gets rid of the same amount of spam, but guarantees that the sender of a false-positive mail (rare, but always possible) will at least know that the mail was rejected instead of being silently trashed.


19December2008: no more unencrypted POP or IMAP

Nobody should still be using unencrypted POP or IMAP -- it's a big security risk. risleynet supports secure "alternate port" POP and IMAP access. Beginning today, there will no longer be direct access to POP or IMAP services. You must use TLS connections. If you have a justifiable need for unencrypted email, let us know and we will consider accommodating your request.

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