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electronic mail

at risleynet and hosted domains


19December2008: no more unencrypted POP or IMAP

Nobody should still be using unencrypted POP or IMAP -- it's a big security risk. risleynet supports secure "alternate port" POP and IMAP access. Beginning today, there will no longer be direct access to POP or IMAP services. You must use TLS connections. If you have a justifiable need for unencrypted email, let us know and we will consider accommodating your request.


important changes in spam processing 23March2008

Since its inception, risleynet has maintained a laissez-faire stance toward spam filtering. Specifically, we have never discarded users' mail messages, no matter how spammy they looked. When we implemented SpamAssassin, we set it up to only add headers to messages to help users filter the messages using their email client software. (By special request, we can also quarantine suspected spam in a separate mail box.) Alas, the spam situation has worsened steadily over the years. About 90% of connections to risleynet mail servers these days are actually attempts to propagate spam.

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