I wired my garage to charge my Tesla (coming soon—solar charging!), but I didn’t like the charger cable dangling on the floor. I installed a tool balancer to manage the cable, and it worked great but puts a bit of strain on the cable by bending it where it leaves the plug. It’s not much, but I worry about damaging the cable over a period of years.

I 3-D printed a radius enhancer, essentially 1/4 of a pulley that the cable wraps around so that it doesn’t make such a sharp bend. I attached it with a couple of cable ties. I had prototyped it in PLA, thinking I would re-print it in PETg, but the PLA seems to be more than sturdy enough to do the job.

Email me if you’d like the FreeCAD or .stl (mesh) files to print your own. I will upload them to Thingiverse when my vision is better.

tesla charger with tight cable bend

The tool balancer keeps the cable neatly off the ground, but puts a bend in the cable where it leaves the plug.

attaching radius enhancer with cable ties

A couple of cable ties attach the radius enhancer to the charger cable.


charger cable with enhancer

The enhancer guides the cable through a gentle bend where it leaves the plug.