I don’t want to get into a discussion about the “right” way to brew coffee. People have different tastes, and I’m okay with that. I even like the occasional cup of cheap powdered instant. It’s not coffee, more like Caltech pizza, but I find the taste intriguing. Did I mention occasionally?

Can you wait 12 hours for a cup of coffee? This is currently my favorite brew for daily consumption.

Start with whole bean Peet’s Ethiopian Fancy. (I’m in NorCal; I can usually get Peet’s coffee delivered the day after it’s roasted.) Give 140gm of beans a coarse grind (30 on a Baratza Encore), and put it in a large (1.5L) press pot. Fill with good quality cold water. Stir. Wait ten minutes. Stir again. Wait a few more minutes. Stir yet again. Cover and let sit for about 12 hours. Extract into a storage jar and refrigerate.

It’s good cold from the bottle. You can pour it in a cup, add a splash of water, and microwave for two minutes to get a hot cup.