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the child

Baby Yoda .stl by DMag24.

Paint by Helen.

tesla charger radius enhancer

I wired my garage to charge my Tesla (coming soon—solar charging!), but I didn’t like the charger cable dangling on the floor. I installed a tool balancer to manage the cable, and it worked great but puts a bit of strain on the cable by bending it where it leaves the plug. It’s not much, but I worry about damaging the cable over a period of years.

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Braces have come to our household, and with them, the need for an electric toothbrush and water flosser. So there’s the Sonicare, three heads, the water flosser with three tips, and a tube of toothpaste. The bathroom counter was getting kind of crowded!

To keep the clutter under control, we printed an organizer on the 3D printer. It’s pretty specific to the Sonicare I and this Zerhunt Cordless Water Flosser, so I won’t put the files on Thingiverse. Just drop me an email if you have a need for the files.

cup holder sleeve (Tesla Model S 2015)

I like bottled water. Yes, I know most of it is just filtered and flavored tap water, but so is Coca Cola. I keep a few bottles of Crystal Geyser in my car and always have an open bottle in the cupholder. I recently got a fresh ride, however, and the cupholders were a bit too generous for the water bottles, which would tilt and spill when I cornered.

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mouse rack

No, it’s not a device for making rodents confess.

I use a MacBook Pro as my main computer, and I really love the trackpad. I only use a mouse for gaming and the occasional bit of high-resolution CAD work. I have really limited desk space, though, so the mouse was often unused but in the way.

This dirt-simple print (I don’t think it took me five minutes to design it in FreeCAD) lets me stow the mouse out of the way when I’m not using it.

Source and mesh files for your 3-D printing pleasure are on Thingiverse.

cameras, cheap and cool

A recent article in TidBITS announced that the $20 WyzeCam Security Camera Is Almost Too Good to Be True. Joshua has been having a lot of fun with security cameras lately. He converted some old phones into surveillance equipment using Haven and Alfred. But $20 for a full-function dedicated camera just seemed like a deal we couldn’t pass up.

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measuring cup rack

In spite of having cleaned up my container lid drawer, I still have problems with drawer clutter. One place I particularly notice is when looking for measuring cups. I like to bake, and so individual-size cups are essential, but I hate pawing through the drawer looking for the right one.

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printer filament shelf rack brackets

I’ve started running out of space for my collection of 3D printer filament. I found this cool polished black PVC pipe on Amazon and printed some brackets to mount it on the wall. The spools nest out of the way between the pipe and the wall. Continue reading

shelf feet/caps

I have a number of industrial racks I use for servers and storage. They’re a fairly standard design: angle iron and particle board. Interestingly, some came with no feet (which would be fine on concrete, but I have actual tile floors). Some came with only four feet. Some came with eight feet, the other four serving as caps on top of the angle-iron uprights.

When I first got a 3-D printer, I was excited to discover that somebody had already uploaded a design for feet to Thingiverse. The design was for much larger shelves, but it worked—it was, perhaps, the first actually functional print I made.

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parallel productivity

Josh asked me the other day about how we backed up early hard disks when we didn’t have small portable drives, the internet, NAS, or writable DVDs. I started telling him about my teak box with the tambour top that held 50 (or was it 100?) 1.4MB 3½” floppy disks. I remember a routine of running a backup program while feeding disk after disk into the machine for an hour or two every day.

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