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Ha! It just occurred to me that I have now embraced three technologies that I have heretofore avoided: WordPress itself has had a number of security issues, and PHP and mySQL have a level of configuration complexity that can lead to vulnerabilities. But that’s history, right? At least I am isolating these technologies on their own physical box away from sensitive information. Time will tell.


I’m pleased with how the pages are looking after migrating to WordPress.

I am planning on keeping the ancient legacy pages as is, but I want to get rid of all of the TWiki pages, since I’d like to not have to worry about TWiki security vulnerabilities.


I’m doing some reorganizing. I am moving many legacy pages to TLS-secured servers and starting a slow migration away from the TWiki collaboration platform I have used for many years. My blog,, has been migrated to WordPress. I’m slowly moving TWiki content from the domain into WordPress. The ancient pre-TWiki pages are still here, though they might be kind of hard to find (and likely not worth the effort).

I am doing my best to preserve the deep links from other sites that I know about, but there will be casualties.

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