A Macro for Macro5 and EPOC

What it Does

B'maker offers you a way to rapidly navigate the folder hierarchy of your EPOC-32 machine, either using the stylus or the keyboard. It also lets you organize boilerplate text and images, which can be conveniently inserted at the current cursor location with just a few taps.

Once invoked, B'maker pops up a menu on the left side of your screen displaying the contents of a special folder, C:\B'maker\. You can then select an item from the folder. If the item is another folder, the first menu is replaced by another menu, showing the contents of that folder. If the item is a document that EPOC knows how to open, the file is opened.

In addition to folders and documents, B'maker supports special files denoted by these extensions:


Denotes an alias to another file or folder. The destination file or folder is opened.


Denotes a boilerplate file. The file is opened, the contents of the file are copied to the clipboard, and the file is closed. Then the clipboard is copied to the current cursor location.


Denotes a literal file. The filename itself, less the ".liter" extension, is copied to the current cursor location. Literal files process much faster, but the data is limited to 25 characters or so.

In addition to folder contents, there is a B'maker menu that contains four items:

If the folder contains more items than can fit on a single menu, the last item of the menu changes to "More... " Chosing it will list the next few items in the folder.

What You Need

What You Do

Other Information

As with many of my macros, B'maker has a few rough edges. My time is very limited, and I tend to reduce the priority of a project as soon as it works well enough to meet my immediate needs.

Note that B'maker cannot open any folder that has a file or folder named "x" in it.

If you have comments, problems, or suggestions, please feel free to email me. I'll answer as soon as I can.

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