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Move to an entirely new and faster server.

June 28, 2001

Posted some words to the wise regarding Apple Keychain software under Mac OS 9.

June 23, 2001

Web serving has been moved to a new Macintosh 7200 server running LinuxPPC. That should improve performance and provide increased access to special services such as SSL web pages and complex cgi's.

Please let me know if I've broken any links or functions with the transition.

January 27, 2001

The critical parts of the risleynet server network (DSL modem, firewall/router, web server, SSL server, and mail servers) now have 8 hours of unattended backup power plus manual-start generators for second-level backup power. Next project: solar! Eat your heart out, California ISO!

January 13, 2001

The main risleynet server/router will be down sporadically for a few minutes at a time while the new backup power system is installed. Email and web access may be temporarily interrupted.

January 11, 2001

A prolonged power outage yesterday exhausted the risleynet servers' backup power and subsequently caused a hardware failure. The server was down from 13:30 until 18:38 limiting web and email access. No email was lost. New backup power hardware was delivered today and should be in place by 14 January which should provide about eight days of backup power in the event of future prolonged outages.

December 29, 2000

Christmas photos are now on line.

September 15, 2000

Vacation photos are now on line.

August 13, 2000

We have a new server! Thanks to a great deal at eBay, we got a new machine to take some of the load off our poor little old PowerBook 5300. Calendars and web-based email should be much faster now.

August 6, 2000

All of the resources for residents at UCDMC have moved to their own domain, www.UCDhousestaff.com. Check out the downloadable palmtop computer references and free web- and pop-based email!

July 2, 2000

Many folks who read my recent article in TidBITS wanted to see my virtual hosting cgi scripts. They're now on the PWS Virtual Hosting page and the NetPresenz Virtual Hosting page.

June 22, 2000

The site was getting difficult to navigate, so everything has been reorganized and a spiffy new navigation bar has been added. There is also a new and growing collection of resources for UCDMC housestaff and a new server cgi.

January 31, 2000

Opened a site with information on the new UCDMC Housestaff Union, including an extensive FAQ and an email discussion list.

January 2, 2000

The sky didn't fall!

The risley.net site is now served by NetPresenz.

A snapshot of the monthly journal club regulars has been added to the ROMnews page.

December 30, 1999

Now hosting the unofficial WardFive discussion list, for users of this excellent inpatient management package for Psion/EPOC. Sign up on the Lists page.

December 17, 1999

Modified server for more reliable access from Psion Web and certain older browsers.

November 27, 1999

The Guerilla Physician now has its own domain.

November 25, 1999

Happy Thanksgiving! No more annoying "Redirection" pages.

November 20, 1999

A new revision of the Family Medicine/Psychiatry FAQ is available, with some minor revisions and more information on the document that created combined training programs.

October 24, 1999

The ROMnews pages (for UCDMC psychiatry residents) are now online.

September 24, 1999

The Family Medicine/Psychiatry FAQ is now online!

September 22, 1999

UCDMC FP, psychiatry, and combined residents can following goings on in our programs via residents-only discussion lists. Anyone interested in combined psych/fp training nationwide can join an online discussion. Subscribe for free on the lists page.

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